1.  How does MoraleFund.com work?

MoraleFund.com simplifies the fundraising process using three different fundraising formats.  The three formats are Goal Based, Election Based and Pledge Based.


Goal Based:  This works exactly how it sounds.  Establish a monetary goal that you would like to reach, tell your story to potential donors and share it with your family, friends and co-workers.  Donations can be made both manually and by using a credit card.


Election Based:  This format takes the pie-in-the-face process and webinizes it.  All candidates are listed, votes are cast and MoraleFund.com tracks it all.  Votes can be purchased and cast manually or completely online using your credit card.


Pledge Based:  Participants work for these donations by completing a task like push-ups, running laps, swimming laps, etc...  They seek out supporters that will pledge to make a donation based upon the number of push-ups or laps that they complete.  Donations can be made manually and with a credit card.


2.  How do I accept donations online?

With MoraleFund.com, it is all built in!  After signing-up you'll share your campaign link with friends, family & co-workers.  Your visitors complete their donation on your fundraising campaign page using a debit or credit card and you instantly receive each payment.  The entire process takes less than a minute.


3.  When do I get my money?

Immediately!  Each and every payment you receive is yours!  Your MoraleFund.com page will continue to accept donations until your campaign clock has expired.


4.  How do I get my money?

When you registered as a fundraising campaign organizer, you also synced your PayPal email address.  This is where all of your donations are sent.  You can log into your PayPal account and simply request that your donations be electronically transferred to your bank account or mailed to you in the form of a check.


5.  Do my donors need an account?

Nope!  Your donors simply visit your page link and complete their payments using a debit or credit card.


6.  Will MoraleFund.com charge me any fees?

MoraleFund.com is completely free to use for manually entered donations, however, a small fee from each donation you receive via credit card will be charged by PayPal as a transaction fee.  If you don't receive any donations, then you won't pay anything at all.  


Since a fee is deducted from each donation in real-time, you'll never need to worry about getting billed or owing us any money.  Your donors are NEVER charged fees.


Remember, MoraleFund.com is the BEST online goal, election and pledge based fundraising solution available and all those extra donations you collect should more than make up for the fee.


7.  Do I have to be a non-profit to use this?

No!  Anyone can raise money online using MoraleFund.com's customizable donation pages.  Our users often raise money for their booster clubs or unit/base organizations.  MoraleFund.com was designed to allow everyday people to do good things with the money they raise online.


8.  Will my donors get charged any fees?

No!  Donors do not get charged any fees for donating to your MoraleFund.com fundraising campaign.


9.  Are there limits to how much money I raise?

No way!  MoraleFund.com users can raise as much money as they want.  Your fundraising campaign will continue to accept donations until the campaign clock has expired.  And because your donations are going to your PayPal account, you can even withdraw your money at any time without affecting your ongoing fundraising campaign.


10.  Can I raise money on Facebook & Twitter?

Of course!  Connecting to Facebook & Twitter is part of what makes MoraleFund.com work so well.  The best part is that visitors to your fundraising campaign end up doing most of the sharing for you – helping you to attract more donors!


11.  How will I know when people donate?

We send you an email each time somebody donates to your fundraising campaign.  After receiving the email, you'll see the new donation appear in your MoraleFund.com dashboard and added to your overall account balance.


12.  How do I know it's safe to donate?

In terms of online security, all payments are securely processed using industry-standard Secure Socket Layer encryption, or SSL.

As a rule of thumb, only donate to fundraising campaigns that you personally know and trust.  When in doubt, don't donate and report any suspicious pages or activity to us.